BuzzVideos – Dog pulls funny faces licking glass

These friends had just come out of a pub in Bournemouth Gardens, England, when they thought it would be a good idea to jump over a river. This video shows how bad that idea was!

Dog goes crazy with water hitting window. Jasper is a. Dog pulls funny faces licking glass.. Dog falls flat on his face in an attempt to catch a frisbee mid-air.

Dog pulls funny faces licking glass. Rolo is a one-year-old Shar Pei who loves to lick the glass door of his home in Colorado, USA. The owner, Laura McDaniel.

Funny Kids At The Zoo | Giraffe Licks Boys Face! Dog pulls funny faces licking glass · Animals.. Dog falls flat on his face in an attempt to catch a frisbee mid-air · animals. dog drags her friend into the ocean.

And so began an Instagram sensation that dog and even cat owners from all over have been more than eager to take part in. It’s been only 20 days since McCombie posted the first picture of her dog Travis, tongue out, licking peanut butter off his own face, and already there are hundreds of more images tagged by other Instagram users.

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I can get him to sit for treats and do tricks in the middle of a pet store. I can even get him to "look" at me for several seconds without breaking eye contact before releasing him to his food bowl! I’m so sad we moved out of state and can’t continue with Dog Face! See More

The dog receiving the face licks shows its dominance by standing tall to accept the gesture, but doesn’t return the favor." Although people and dogs have different habits, chances are you are the top dog in your house. Your dog might be licking your face to acknowledge that.

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Puppy gets head stuck in ventilation window. Teagan. Talented dog balances things on snout and head · Animals. Dog pulls funny faces licking glass.

My Dog Pulls A funny my other dog and some sheepys baaah i have another dog as well but that is for another day.MADE BY THE ONE AND ONLY SMORESTER

We all have our vices. But some individuals of the canine persuasion have a particular fondness for tasting windows. "Does anybody else's dog.