Family Freaks Out Watching UFO Over Home In Thorton, Colorado, April 13, 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

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UFO Report: I was out smoking a ciggerette at 3am on the dot. i always glaze and stare at the star’s when out smoking looking at the constalations. as i was looking ne towards ft. collins this large orb shot acros.

Amazing UFO sighting over Southern Colorado on 19th April 2017. Amazing video footage of a UFO sighting recorded over Southern Colorado on 19th April 2017.. Input your email address and be one of more than 5000 people that is receiving daily UFO news right to their inbox for FREE!

The supposed UFO or unidentified flying object was spotted over Thornton, Colorado, on April 13 this year. The UFO video was filmed and shared online by the Kuroda family who saw bizarre lights darting through a dense patch of clouds around sunset. In the video, an unusually bright source of light can be seen hovering [.]

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New video footage of some strange lights recorded above Denver, Colorado on 16th September 2015. UFO sighting over Breckenridge, Denver on 3rd October 2014. New amazing video footage of a big green UFO sighting over Breckenridge, Denver on 3rd October 2014. News said: Breckenridge Police say they are investigating reports of three "shiny.

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UFO sighting: Colorado family STUNNED by ‘100 percent REAL’ alien UFO – shock video posted on April 23, 2019 The supposed UFO or unidentified flying object was spotted over Thornton, Colorado, on April 13 this year.

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UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2018-05-31 00:00:00 – Hovering above my apartment building. i actually thought it was the moon, except it was in the wrong place.

However, when it comes to freaky UFO hot spots in the Southwest. ducking from lights in the sky and helplessly watching.

UFO sighting in Colorado July 24, @9:21pm: 7/25/19: 7/24/19 21:15: Pueblo West. My family and I were driving home from Denver Co. and the day was really hazy because of the fires going on which turn the sun red and. UFO caught on camera over lake in Colorado. (See video.) ((NUFORC Note: We.