Make Your Outdoor Electrical Receptacles Weather Resistant – House to Home Inspect Colorado

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At Eco Electric & Plumbing, we know having outdoor electric covers may seem like a no brainer but how many times do you inspect the condition of those covers? If just one cover is damaged or missing, it can leave your home exposed to the elements, which in turn could be a fire hazard. Not only should you have covers for those outlets but the outside outlets need to be GFCI protected outlets.

Prepare for Natural Disaster – AmCap Insurance | As you’re headed out the door this winter remember preparing for cold weather can help make a difference.. winter storm Watch. When severe winter weather threatens your area, a Winter Storm Watch is generally given.

Outdoor electrical installations are no different. Because outdoor light fixtures may be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, they are designed to seal out wind, rain, and snow. Most outdoor fixtures also have special protective covers to keep your light working in adverse conditions.

The following provides some helpful information to assist you in your evaluation of the exterior surface on your home.. One of the most crucial components of a home is its electrical system, which may pose some safety hazards if not properly maintained.. unless identified as sunlight-resistant. Check for approved weather-tight exterior boxes.

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